Spinal Surgery Update

It is four weeks today that I had my spinal Surgery.  Wow is the most of what I can say.  Although it has been difficult dealing with the immediate pain, and hard not being able to do most things, and must be immensely hard on my partner doing everything I usually do, still working a full time job and looking after me, I feel so much better already.

I have reduced my gabapentin tablets, from 4 x 300mg three times a day down to 1 x 300 mg three times a day already.  Apart from the odd bout of pins and needles in my right foot only (and nothing for the last week that I have noticed) I am well on the way to a fantastic recovery.

I have a follow up appointment next monday with my consultant, just to see how things are going, but I am really pleased with everything so far, and cant wait to be fully mobile again – including driving and bending down – maybe eventually lifting things heavier than a kettle!

Now I just have to wait to hear back from my podiatrist about my painful hypermobile feet (they are making me some custom insoles for my shoes)  but as soon as I hear, I’m sure I will feel like a new woman!

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