Spinal Surgery Beckons

Had my appointment with my spinal consultant today, and now I am quite excited!

I was expecting to go in there and have him say the same as last time, I am too young to have an operation and just see how the meds go.

No, he looked over all the information, the MRI, the x ray, and told he what he will do is, instead of performing spinal surgery involving bolts and screws in my spine, he will simply carve away at my bottom vertebrae so as to even it out!  At the moment it is kind of triangular, so he is going to carve one side away so that hopefully my spine will stop curving over to one side, that way it will mean I don’t have to have the bolts or screws, hooray!!

I am so excited about this, I cant wait.  The best news is that it will only be around a 6 week wait.  Just got to wait to hear back from them – through a letter through the post, I’ll be checking the post everyday for it now…

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