Podiatry Referral to MUSCAT

Well, if I had ever thought that taking my partner along to a podiatry appointment with me would have such a marvellous effect I would have done it sooner!

Normally I go along, come away with slightly different insoles and am told it will only get worse.  Today, My partner came with me to the appointment, and brought a notepad and pen.  The podiatrist first of all looked ill at ease, and eventually managed to drop in a conversation about what my job was, so (I presume) that he could then look to my partner and ask what he did for a living too!  My partner answered that he was in IT, and just came along to help me remember everything.  Well it clearly made the podiatrist nervous, as he asked what the notepad was for.  To which my partner simply said that it was just so we could remember all that was said by him, and to mention to him everything we had previously jotted down as possibly relevant to my situation.

One of those things to mention was to ask if I could be referred to the next level up, especially since I had started experiencing an agonising pain in the top of my foot on waking in the morning – it lasted for about an hour and then calmed down.  The pain was so bad it felt like my foot might burst or explode (reminding me of the scene in alien).  He said that he hadn’t heard of a pain like that upon waking, only after exercise of some sort and if these insoles didn’t seem to do the job after a while, he might consider referring me next time.

After that he seemed to ease back into the normal session, he fitted me extra bits on my insoles and we were on our way.  Once I got home I noticed that the insoles he had carved for me felt quite uneven, so I called the podiatry department back straight away and asked if I could have them checked again.

What a piece of luck, they had an appointment at 4pm the same day, so off I trotted back to the hospital!

When I got there, he kindly filed down the uneven part of the insoles for me, and it felt much better – and then he told me that he had referred me to MUSCAT, who are the next level up from him, as they would be better equipped to help me!  So personally I think that not only did it make a huge difference to take my partner along with me, like some sort of mystery shopper, (or auditor), but I am quite excited to be referred to the next level, and cant wait for the appointment!!!

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