Not Just Gluten Free, But Grain Free

For the last four weeks my partner and I have been trying to go without any sort of grain.  It all started when we read this article online:

How to Keep Feces Out of Your Bloodstream (or Lose 10 Pounds in 14 Days)

Now this is a very long and extensive and complicated article, but I did eventually make it right to the end, and was intrigued to say the least.

Having had so many mobility problems, (including: scoliosis, which gives me numbness and pins and needles in my feet and legs and agonising pain, also sciatic pain; hypermobility, which causes again agonising pain in my feet; hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which gives me a lack of energy and aching limbs; and finally an odd pain when I wake up in the morning in the top of my foot which is so painful it feels like my foot is about ready to burst, but it goes away within an hour) which have accelerated and worsened to a point over the last 12 months whereby I cant get any exercise any more, all this combined meant I have gained two stone in weight.  Therefore the idea of loosing weight so easily just by cutting out grain was wonderful!

Not only are my conditions life altering and unlikely to improve, it is hard to focus on anything else when no matter whether you are sitting down or standing or walking, you are in some kind of pain.  So I made the decision to try anything I could to make a difference to myself.

So on the first Monday in January, I started on a grain free diet.  At first I found not only was it a lot more difficult than I had realised (ie there are grains used in things you wouldn’t even think of – like baked beans have modified maize starch; oxo cubes have wheat, the list could go on and on), but then I found I was hungry near constantly.  I would have to make a point of making a little potato bake or potato wedges during the day, just so we had something to munch on later in the evening!

After the first week, it is hard to explain what difference it made to me.  I would say I felt less bloated, but thats not quite it.  You kind of feel like you should have done it a long time ago, I think it was more like you don’t have this stodgeyness making its way through your body after you have eaten, and also going to the toilet was a lot… healthier!  Sadly I hadn’t lost any weight after week one, but I thought perhaps it will come later?

After week two, I found we had basically gone back to traditional meals for the most part (meat and two veg), but I had also discovered soya flour for baking, and potato starch for thickening sauces also a lot of foods that don’t have grain in, like Bovril stock cubes, or some sauces (Heinz low sugar tomato ketchup or Econa taste explorers chilli sauce, and Tesco’s own mayonnaise).  This livened up a lot of meals with more taste.  No weight loss still…

After week three I had tried my hand at baking with soya flour, quite successfully I might add.  I made my own baking powder with bicarb and cream of tartar, and made cheese straws.  Very tasty – not quite the same as with normal flour but still tasty.  I tried to make tortillas for our fajitas night on Friday, but when I tried to fry them it was like frying pastry!  I made shortbread (exactly the same as the recipe from my book – I will put it in another post), and it was nice, but so incredibly dry that if you didn’t have a drink at the same time you would become instantly dehydrated!!  No weight loss…

Now after four weeks, and my sons birthday on day 3 of this week, I attempted a cake with soya flour, and I have to say, even though it wasn’t quite the same, it was the best success of the lot, really lovely! But after trying this I still appreciate the lack of stodge in my system, but I sadly have still not lost any weight!  So in conclusion trying to go grain free is worth a try even if only for a month, for the way your insides feel, but don’t try it thinking it will be a miracle weight loss diet, because it is not.  It is also not a cure for my thyroid problems, or any of my other problems, but I am still going to carry on, I think I will just try reintroducing a different grain each week.  This week I am going to try rice and see how it goes.

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