MUSCAT Appointment cancelled

Darn it!  Had a call today to say the person I am seeing is off sick next week on my appointment day (now thats planning ahead!), so I would need to rebook with them and it could be up to two months wait again.

So I was told to wait for a phone call, to rearrange.  About 5 minutes later I got a call back, the lady said that if I could go to other sites instead they had a closer appointment, so great I thought, I can go to a different site.  As it turns out they had a cancellation the following week at Cheltenham, great, but, my younger son was off school that day as the start of his half term! Still she had one the week after that, and I realise my older son was off school that week too, aaarrrgh!

Eventually I managed to rebook at Cheltenham, for the 24th February, so again I say, watch this space…

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